Why You Should Get Your Car Checked at Fox Run Auto Before Your DMV Inspection

Nobody ever wants to fail a DMV inspection. It will delay your ability to register the vehicle and cause all sorts of problems. However, you may not really know if your vehicle is up to code or not until the DMV performs its tests. This can lead to a stressful situation.

The good news is this doesn’t have to be such a stressful situation. Imagine being in school and knowing that you are going to pass the upcoming test. This is essentially what Fox Run Auto’s DMV Pre-Inspection Services are designed to do.

Before you take your car into the Delaware DMV for inspection and registration, bring it to Fox Run Auto in Bear. We have four state-certified emission technicians on staff who are experts at emissions testing and repairs. They know exactly what the DMV inspectors will be looking for and will make sure your vehicle passes muster. We also check all safety aspects of the vehicle, such as the brake system, fuel system and other safety requirements.

Here is a breakdown of the DMV Pre-Inspection at Fox Run Auto:

Road Test – We road test the vehicle to make sure that it is handling adequately. Issues affecting wheel alignment, brakes, suspension, transmission, engine and other components can often be detected simply by driving the car.

Safety Inspection – Key components are carefully inspected and tested for performance and quality. This includes things like the brakes, lights, windshield wipers, horn, seat belts and windows.

Tire Inspection – It’s important to inspect the tires to be sure they have enough tread and that the tread wear is even. If it is not, there could be a suspension, wheel alignment, differential, wheel bearing or brake issue worth looking at further.

Vehicle Emission Test – Fox Run Auto technicians run a full vehicle emission test just like the DMV would. If failures are detected, we can perform emissions repairs as needed (at an additional cost, of course).

Test OBDII Computer System (if applicable) – This is a standard diagnostics test. We connect directly to the vehicle’s computer system and look for fault codes that help pinpoint any specific problems.

Fuel Tank Evaporative Emissions System Pressure Test – This is an important pressure test of the fuel tank to make sure the evaporative emissions system is working properly.

The DMV Pre-Inspection Service at Fox Run Auto costs just $89.95 and will give you peace of mind before you take your vehicle into the Delaware DMV for the official inspection and registration. If problems are found, we will give you a full breakdown along with a fair and accurate repair estimate. You are under no obligation to have the repairs performed at Fox Run Auto, but we will give you the information and advice you need to make your own decisions. For an additional $89.95, we will take your car to the DMV on your behalf to have it inspected.

To learn more about DMV Pre-Inspection Services at Fox Run Auto or to schedule your appointment, call us today at (302) 597-9205 or book your appointment online.


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