Pre-Purchased Inspections test a car to confirm that it can be safely driven before the customer decides to buy. We run qualified pre-inspections on used cars, even if the car is already considered a "Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle". Some of the actions we take in inspecting are:

  • Inspecting the exhaust system
  • Inspecting all the belts and hoses
  • Inspecting the throttle linkage
  • Inspecting transmission and linkage
  • Inspecting EGR system
  • Checking the charging system
  • Inspecting the brakes
  • Inspecting the plugs, wires, dist. cap and rotor
  • Inspecting steering and suspension components
  • Inspecting front and rear shocks and all suspension components
  • Inspecting c/v boots and joints
  • Inspecting driveline and u-joints
  • Inspecting tires
  • Inspecting the wiper blades
  • All of these services assure you that once we inspect your car, it is safe to ride and regularly use. Pre-Purchase inspections cost $59.95 each.
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