Engines typically last 150,000 to 200,000 miles. Regular maintenance is the key to continued vehicle safety and use. Factory Scheduled Maintenance Services outline preventative maintenance suggested by your vehicle's manufacturer. Let one of our highly trained ASE certified technicians protect your investment. Following this outline will greatly improve your chance of not becoming inconvenienced by breakdowns and will ensure that you enjoy many years of trouble free service. Furthermore, a simple Maintenance Survey conducted in 2006 found that A Properly Maintained Vehicle will save the average driver about ten cents per mile over the life of the vehicle: $1,350 per year!

Our routine 60,000 Mile Service includes these Maintenance Services:
Fox Run Comprehensive Courtesy Inspection:

BG Brake System Fluid Flush

Completely evacuate and replenish the brake fluid using a pressure and vacuum system Purge all the air from the system and fill the master cylinder. Road test.

Deluxe Transmission System Flush

Complete fluid exchange, including the transmission cooler and torque converter. A pre-flush BG additive is used to break up deposists and clean clogged passages. 16 quarts of transmission fluid are used to achieve a complete exchange. A post flush system conditioner is added to condition seals and increase the transmission fluid's ability to resist oxidation, increasing fluid life.

Deluxe Cooling Flush

Complete fluid exchange including a pre-flush BG system cleaner, 8 qts. of coolant,. and a post flush BG system sealer and conditioner.

Power Steering System Flush

Complete fluid exchange of the power steering system including the pump, rack and cooler (if applicable.) Include BG system conditioner.

This regular maintenance costs only $562.75!

  • Change Engine Oil and Filter
    • Includes up to 5 quarts of oil
    • includes new silver line oil filter
    • Check and fill and fluid levels
    • Check tire pressures
    1. Inspect the exhaust system.
    2. Inspect all belts and hoses.
    3. Inspect Throttle Linkage.
    4. Inspect transmission and linkage.
    5. Inspect EGR system.
    6. Check engine charging system.
    7. Inspect Brakes.
    8. Inspect plugs, wires, dist. cap and rotor.
    9. Inspect steering and suspension components.
    10. Inspect front and rear shocks and all suspension components.
    11. Inspect c/v boots and joints.
    12. Inspect driveline and u-joints.
    13. Inspect tires.
    14. Inspect wiper blades.
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