• Vehicle Maintenance Before Your Summer Road Trip

    Wednesday 08 August 2018

    It's already August and the summer is almost over. Before long, the kids will be back in school and it will be back to life as usual. It's easy to understand why this month is one of the most popular times to take road trips and family vacations. However, before you pack everyone (and everything) into the car for a long drive, it's important to make sure your vehicle is running its best. Whether it's a car, truck, SUV, minivan or RV, the folks at... read more

  • 5 Reasons Why You Need Proper Wheel Alignment

    Wednesday 25 July 2018

    Wheel alignment is something a lot of vehicle owners tend to overlook until it becomes a problem or until a mechanic points it out. The simple fact is you want your wheels and tires to be in proper alignment on every axis. It will greatly improve the performance and handling of your car, as well as your safety as a driver. Let's take a look at some of the most important benefits of proper wheel... read more

  • Local Customer Turns to Fox Run Auto for Repairs on Their "Forever Car"

    Wednesday 18 July 2018

    An anonymous reviewer recently shared their review online about their service experience at Fox Run Auto in Bear, DE. This customer needed auto repair help twice and found our team to be dependable in keeping his "forever car" running well. "I have had the misfortune of needing good, affordable work done on my 'forever car' twice," this reviewer writes. "Both times, Fox Run Auto fixed my c... read more

  • Keeping You and Your Vehicle Cool This Summer

    Wednesday 11 July 2018

    July is here and that means warmer temperatures for the next few months. With all the heat and humidity here in Northern Delaware, it's important to stay safe and comfortable when driving around town or taking any family road trips. Both you and your vehicle need to stay cool, so it may be the ideal time for a couple of important system inspections and tune-ups at Fox Run Auto. Air Conditioning Inspection and Rep... read more