Your Local Emissions Specialists

In Delaware, most vehicles are required to meet specific emissions requirements as posted by the DMV. And, as of 1997, any emissions repairs must be performed by a certified Emissions Specialist to satisfy these requirements.

Emissions Testing

If your vehicle requires an emissions test (or "smog check" as it's commonly known), you will be notified by the DMV (usually with your annual registration paperwork) and it needs to be performed at a certified facility. Many places can perform smog tests, but most of those shops cannot make emissions-specific repairs. In other words, they might be able to tell you some of the problems if your vehicle doesn't pass the tests, but they might not necessarily be able to fix those problems. Fox Run Auto in Bear, DE has four Delaware-certified Emissions Specialists on staff that have completed extensive training to earn these special certifications.


According to Delaware law, your vehicle will not require regular emissions testing only if it meets one of the two exemption requirements:

      1. The vehicle was built before 1967


      2. The vehicle was built in the last five (5) years and weighs less than 10,000 pounds.

Emissions Repairs

If your vehicle fails its emissions test and specific repairs are required to the engine and/or exhaust system, the Emissions Specialists at Fox Run Auto have you covered. Bring your vehicle in and our auto repair technicians will inspect the vehicle, determine the specific problems and provide you with a detailed repair estimate. Once you agree to the repairs, our team will get to work. We cover every detail and make sure each repair is performed correctly and any parts that need replacing are reinstalled precisely to meet emissions requirements.

To learn more about emissions requirements, testing and repairs, contact Fox Run Auto today at (302) 597-9205 or schedule a service appointment online.



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