Local Customer Receives "Great" Service at Fox Run Auto

Shridhar is a savvy consumer who likes to do his research. This is especially true when it comes to taking care of his car, which was recently in need of some repairs. He called around to multiple big name-brand shops, but wasn't quite happy with the price quotes he was getting. Ultimately, he decided to contact Fox Run Auto and see what this local auto repair shop had to say.

"Great place and great people," says Shridhar in his recent online review of Fox Run Auto. "I came to know about them through my Costco membership (and you get 15% off). I had gotten some over the board quotes about my car from PepBoys and Midas, but these guys did the job in the most affordable way possible and got a few more things done, too!"

It's never a bad idea to get a second or third opinion when it comes to you car, and it often pays to shop around. At Fox Run Auto, we are all about providing fair and accurate repair quotes based on the specific work that needs to be done. That said, we rarely give price quotes without having seen the vehicle. That would be like a doctor prescribing treatment without ever performing an exam on the patient.

In our opinion, it's always best to run diagnostic tests and perform inspections on the vehicle to determine the specific problems. Then, a proper repair estimate can be put together and presented to the customer for authorization. This way, you know exactly which repairs need to be performed with accurate prices for parts and labor. We can even help prioritize the repair list if needed.

"They were not busy when I went or at least they didn't make me feel like they are busy, which was great," Shridhar adds. "Work was done promptly. You guys are great. I am glad to have them on book now."

If you live in the Mid-Atlantic area and are in need of automotive repairs or maintenance services, count on the professionals at Fox Run Auto in Bear, DE for expert service with a personal touch. Call today at (302) 597-9205 or schedule your service appointment online.


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