Customer Turns to Fox Run Auto for New Tires and a Wheel Alignment

Chelsea thought she was due for a brake replacement, so she brought her car to Fox Run Auto. After a thorough brake system inspection by our technicians, it was clear that her brakes weren't really the problem. 

"The service was fantastic!" Chelsea says in her online review. "They were very honest and let me know that my brakes were fine and didn't need to be replaced yet. So many other places would have done it anyway."

Chelsea had told us that her car was pulling to one side. She assumed it was the brakes, but the team also looked at her wheels, tires, suspension and overall wheel alignment. Any number of factors can affect a car pulling hard left or right when braking or accelerating. It's always worth getting looked at by a trained automotive professional to uncover the true source of any problem. In Chelsea's case, it was actually her tires. One of her tires was newer than the rest, which were all showing significant wear.

"They let know that the wear on my tires would cause a pull if I did a rotation, and so I just opted to get all new tires," Chelsea continues. "They were able to get them ordered and mounted with a realignment all by 2:30!"

Once an automotive problem is properly diagnosed and the customer authorizes work after seeing the detailed repair estimate, then our technicians can really go to work and do what we do best. We were able to get Chelsea's new tires installed and have the wheel alignment adjusted so she could get the best performance out of her vehicle. Not only is wheel alignment important to safety and drivability, but it will help make numerous vehicle systems last longer. We're talking about the tire treads, wheel bearing, brakes, differentials and suspension components.

"The price was reasonable and they stayed in communication with me the entire time to keep me updated on what was going on," Chelsea concludes. "I will definitely continue to use them for all my future needs!"

Thank you, Chelsea, for sharing your story and enjoy those new tires. For anyone in the Mid-Atlantic area in need of automotive repairs, systems inspections or maintenance services, count on the trusted team at Fox Run Auto in Bear, DE. Call our shop today at (302) 597-9205 or schedule a service appointment online.


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