Customer Gets New Wheels and Tires Installed at Fox Run Auto

Bob knew that his tires were going bald and needed to be replaced soon. He also had the desire to put some nicer wheels on his beloved truck. Bob wanted to get his wheels and tires taken care of soon, so he called the automotive repair experts at Fox Run Auto in Bear, DE.

"I recently took my truck into Fox Run Auto to have new wheels and tires installed," Bob says in his online review, "and I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out."

Bob brought his truck into Fox Run Auto and our knowledgeable team of automotive technicians took a closer look. Anyone could see the tires needed to be replaced, but wheels are a lot more complex. If your vehicle has trouble handling or your ride isn't as smooth as usual, it could be any number of issues that are worth getting looked at by professionals. It could be the wheels, bearings, axles, differential, brakes or suspension components causing the problem. It is worth performing a more thorough inspection at the Fox Run Auto shop, so we can provide a more accurate recommendation and repair estimate.

In Bob's case, he didn't necessarily need new wheels. He wanted something custom to make his truck look sharper. It was the ideal time to install them since we were putting on new tires anyway. We showed him all the best custom wheel options for his vehicle gave him all the information he needed to make his own decision. Once Bob authorized the work, our team went into action and got the job done right. He was back on the road in no time, and enjoying a smooth ride with sweet new wheels and tires installed.

"This is the first vehicle I have owned, and I wouldn't trust it being worked on anywhere else," Bob adds. "Overall my experience was excellent, and I highly recommend Fox Run Auto to anyone unsure of where to take their vehicle for maintenance/repairs."

Thanks Bob for sharing your feedback online and we're glad your service experience was a good one. To read more reviews like Bob's, check out our Reviews page or visit Fox Run Auto on Facebook

If you need new wheels, tires or any other auto repairs, automotive services or vehicle maintenance, call the team at Fox Run Auto. You can reach us at (302) 597-9205 or you can easily schedule a service appointment online.


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