What Kind of Automotive Inspection is Needed?

At Fox Run Auto, we get a lot of phone calls from people asking for repair estimates. However, it's usually not that simple. We almost always have to get a firsthand look at the vehicle before we can determine the problem and figure how what repairs need to be performed. Then, and only then, can we provide a fair and accurate price estimate to cover the specific parts and labor needed for the repair work.

Just know that any time you get a sight-unseen repair estimate over the phone from an auto shop, there's a good chance it's not accurate. Fox Run Auto is all about honesty and accuracy, which is why we rarely give out quotes before the vehicle has been inspected.

Depending on the problem, there are multiple types of inspections that we perform at Fox Run Auto. It's important you know the difference because different costs may be involved and certain inspections/tests will take more time.

External Inspection

First, you have the external inspection. This is common and we'll usually perform this at no charge. One of our technicians will look over the car and the specific area that seems like the problem. If your brakes are screeching or squealing, then the external inspection will focus on the brake pads, rotors, wheels, bearings and suspension components until the problem is detected. In most auto repair cases, an external inspection will reveal the issue and we'll know what needs to be fixed.

Internal Inspection

In some cases, the answers aren't that simple and the technicians need to dig deeper. An internal inspection is much more intricate. It may involve removing parts in order to get a detailed look inside certain automotive components. If there is a problem within your transmission or engine block, the only way to know the answers is to inspect everything internally. 

Please know that if an internal inspection is required, your Fox Run Auto Service Advisor will notify you and walk you through what needs to be done. If there are inspection costs involved, you will be informed and you will need to authorize the inspection. We won't perform an internal inspection without your permission.


Diagnostics may be part of the inspection process. Some diagnostic tests are simple to perform with the cutting-edge equipment we have in the shop. Others require a little extra attention and specialized knowledge. Diagnostic tests tap into your vehicle's computer system to look for fault codes. This will usually help get to the root of the problem. Diagnostic tests will usually be performed before (or as part of) the internal inspection process because it helps our team hone in on the specific issue at hand. Some diagnostic testing will require additional service fees. However, you can be sure the Fox Run Auto team will get your authorization before the testing is performed. 

At Fox Run Auto, we believe in being upfront about all auto repair and inspection services we perform at our shop. We want you to understand exactly what is happening from the moment you bring your car in, and that includes any and all labor expenses involved if anything more than than a simple external inspection is required. Above all else, we want to get to the true source of the problem in your vehicle. We can then give you the information and recommendations you need to make the right repair decisions, whether you have Fox Run Auto make the repairs or you take it somewhere else for a second opinion. For us, it's all about getting the job done right so the problem doesn't persist.

If you need automotive repairs or maintenance services, trust your car with the team at Fox Run Auto in Bear. Call our auto shop today at (302) 597-9205 or schedule a service appointment online.


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