Winter Cooling System Services at Fox Run Auto

Many car owners think about their vehicle's cooling system as something that keeps the engine from overheating. This is true, but it also serves the opposite function of keeping your engine from seizing up when it's cold outside. Essentially, the cooling system is there to keep your engine running at optimal temperatures no matter the weather is outside. We can get freezing winter weather here in Northern Delaware, so this is a good time of year to get your cooling system inspected and tuned up heading into the coldest months.

Here are some of the cooling system services we provide at Fox Run Auto:

Cooling System Inspection

We can perform a thorough general inspection of your vehicle's cooling system. We can check fans, belts, seals, hoses and radiator coolant (which is also known as "antifreeze" for a reason). Our technicians can test the water pump and make sure there are no cracks or leaks in the radiator or any of the coolant lines. Our goal is to make sure everything looks good and is working right heading into the cold winter season. 

Cooling System Maintenance & Repairs

If the initial inspection reveals any problems, Fox Run Auto can provide professional cooling system maintenance and/or repair services. Perhaps a fluid line needs to be replaced or a fan belt is loose. Any damaged parts can be replaced or repaired by our automotive technicians. 

Radiator Fluid

It's always good to check the radiator fluid (coolant) levels and quality before the weather starts getting too cold. If it is old or dirty, it may be time to replace it. Sometimes, flushing the lines will also help remove any debris or potential clogs. Many older vehicles can benefit from adjusting the water-to-coolant ratio within the radiator. This is a common winterization technique used in cold weather climates. The weather in Northern Delaware is rarely that severe, but it can definitely make a difference in certain vehicles with specific types of cooling system equipment.

Coolant Leak Repair

Fluid leaks commonly happen in the cooling system. Any cracks in the radiator should be repaired immediately. A failing water pump can also be a major concern. Oftentimes, small leaks happen when there is a loose connection or cracked seal or hose. These are easy issues to fix. It's just good to take care of these minor problems before they develop into significant cooling system or engine damage.

Other Winter Maintenance Services

Beyond the cooling system, you may also want to have your car's battery, ignition system, spark plugs and fuel system checked out this time of year. Any issues can make it hard to start your car in cold weather, or the engine could seize up entirely. Don't get stranded or stuck in the driveway when you need to get somewhere!

For all your winter automotive maintenance and repair needs—including professional cooling system services—call Fox Run Auto today at (302) 597-9205 or schedule your service appointment online.


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