Why Oil Changes Are So Important

It's time to get an oil change. It seems like you just did it recently, but your car's service indicator light came on or you've notice we've reached the mileage in the little sticker on the window that they put up after the last oil change. It's kind of a mindless routine we all go through as car owners. We get the oil changed when the service is due, and we don't think too much about it.

What You Need to Know About Oil Changes

Whether you change the oil and oil filter in your own garage, take it to a quick lube place or bring it to a professional full-service auto shop like Fox Run Auto, you may overlook just how important oil changes really are. There is a reason we need to perform this service every few thousand miles. Next time you are due for an oil change, we want you to remember a few important things about why oil changes are necessary.

Preventative Maintenance

An oil change is just one of several common "preventative maintenance" procedures that you need to do for your vehicle every so often. Other maintenance services include tire rotations, brake services, fuel system services, fluid exchanges and transmission services. The word "preventative" is very key here, as these maintenance procedures are done to prevent bigger problems from developing.

How the Oil Protects Your Engine

Oil changes are THE MOST important preventative maintenance step you can take. Healthy motor oil is the lifeblood of your engine. It provides vital lubrication between very fast-moving parts. It also offers cooling qualities that, along with the engine's cooling system, will help prevent engine seizures and overheating. If there isn't enough oil running through the system, or if the oil itself is old, contaminated or burnt, things won't work properly. Ultimately, forgetting to change your oil or waiting too long can actually result in major engine damage. 

Cheap and Easy

Compared to all other vehicle repairs and maintenance services, oil changes are very inexpensive and can be done quickly. It doesn't take long to have your vehicle in and out of the shop. Waiting to get your oil change performed or ignoring this maintenance altogether is usually a recipe for disaster. The longer you put off an oil change, the more you risk significant engine issues that could be very costly to repair.

Don't Ignore Your Oil

So, next time your check oil light comes on your your car's computer tells you it's due for service, don't ignore it. If you are old school and depend on that little sticker, check that mileage count every once in awhile and take your vehicle in when it's time for an oil change. Your engine will thank you and your car will run better and last longer because of necessary preventative maintenance services like the oil change.

If you aren't sure when you last had your oil changed, then you are probably overdue for service. If you are a past Fox Run Auto customer, just give us a call. We keep detailed records for every customer. We will usually send reminders when certain maintenance services are due, but we will be glad to tell you anything you need to know about your vehicle's recommended maintenance schedule.

For your next oil change or other maintenance services, call Fox Run Auto today at (302) 597-9205 or schedule your service appointment online.



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