Why Is My Car Vibrating When I Brake?

As you run into traffic or slow down for a stoplight or stop sign you might notice a shake or vibration when pressing down on the brake pedal. This is called a brake shudder and if not addressed soon it could escalate and become dangerous. A brake shudder can be felt from the pedal if there is a problem with the rear wheels. On the other hand, if the vibrations are felt from the steering wheel then the issue could be with the front braking discs.

Potential Causes of a Brake Shudder

Generally, a brake shudder is caused by an issue with the brake rotors, pads, vehicle alignment, or suspension. Since an average driver uses their brakes over 75,000 times a year it's no wonder that these parts can get worn down or even broken. Here are the most common causes of brake shudder.

  • Uneven Rotors

Through daily use, brake rotors can become warped over time due to the heat and friction from braking. As a result, brake rotors can wear down unevenly. When uneven rotors come in contact with the brake pads the pads only contact certain areas. If the rotors don't make full contact with the brake pads this will produce vibration when braking at high speeds.

  • Damaged Brake Pads

Brake pads are the key factor that makes for a smooth braking experience. If those pads are worn down, soiled, or damaged it could cause vibrations and squeaking. When this happens it is time for a replacement.

  • Issues With Suspension

When a vehicle is out of alignment it can cause premature tire wear as well as many suspension issues. Daily use can also cause problems with a vehicle's suspension, including worn-out tie rods, ball joints, and wheel bearings. A common sign of suspension problems is when a driver feels vibration or shaking by just turning onto another road.

Do You Feel a Vibration?

If you're feeling a vibration or shuddering when you hit the brakes and don't know what to do. Our certified technicians invite you to bring your car down to Fox Run Auto Inc. today!

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