When Is It Appropriate to Use Fog Lights?

If you've ever driven in dense fog, you should know that you should never turn on your high beams. The higher the lights shine, the more light will bounce back in your direction, making it more difficult to see. 

This is where fog lights come to the rescue. As the name of these devices implies, your vehicle's fog lights are made to be used while driving through heavy fog, mist, snow, and even sand and dust. 

Fog lights are different from your regular headlights, which have high-beam and low-beam settings. The distinction lies in the shape of light itself. Fog lights are bar-shaped and aimed closer to the ground, and they provide short-range visibility. By contrast, your regular lights aim straight ahead and further in the distance. By lighting the ground at an angle, fog lights can prevent glare and allow you to see better in foggy conditions. Even with fog lights, you should always drive more slowly and carefully when driving through dense mist. Please keep a safe distance between yourself and other vehicles.

As mentioned before, you can use your low beams in other conditions if they aren't impairing your vision too terribly. Sometimes, the lights can reflect off of the raindrops, so feel free to turn these lights on if needed. 

Like your high beams, you should switch to your low beams to not blind or distract other drivers with your fog lights. 

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