What to Do if Your Suspension is Failing

Your car's suspension helps create a smoother ride for you and your passengers. When it starts to fail, it may seem like you are feeling every single bump on the road. In addition, having a healthy suspension is also a matter of safety. If the suspension isn't working correctly, the vehicle won't perform as well and may struggle with handling.

Signs of Suspension Damage

First, it helps to know some of the common signs of a failing suspension:

• Car lurches forward when coming to a quick stop

• Car leans back when you accelerate

• Car pulls hard when making a tight corner

• Car drifts to one side of the other when driving straight

• Car is very bumpy (or vibrates a lot) while you drive

These are common symptoms of suspension damage, but there could be other issues at hand such as wheel alignment, brake issues, slipping differential or wheel/tire problems. If one thing is messed up in the drivetrain system, it will affect just about everything else. 

Mid-Atlantic Suspension Repair

That's why your first course of action when you notice handling problems is to bring your car to a trusted auto repair shop like Fox Run Auto in Bear, DE. Our knowledgeable automotive technicians can perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle and identify any damaged components—suspension or otherwise. If there is suspension damage, we will let you know what the recommended repairs are along with an accurate price estimate for parts and labor. 

Suspension Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

Whether one of your shocks or struts are damaged, there is an issue with the coil or leaf spring system or it's something else entirely, it's worthwhile to get a proper diagnosis from a professional mechanic. If you wait too long, your odds of risking further damage to the vehicle only increase. What might be a simple fix now can develop into very costly repairs in the future if you ignore the problems.

For all your suspension repair and automotive maintenance needs, call Fox Run Auto today at (302) 597-9205 or schedule your service appointment online.


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