What Should I Look For When Inspecting My Motor Oil?

As car owners, we all know how important it is to check our engine oil from time to time. Accomplishing this task can give you helpful insight into your engine's health and when it may be time for another oil change. For some people, finding the dipstick under the hood is the easiest step, but they don't know what to look for after taking the dipstick out of the tank. Here are the 4 things you should look for when inspecting your motor oil:


The first thing that you should look at right off the bat is the oil level. The yellow dipstick has indicators to show you the suitable range of oil to keep your car functional. If the oil is below the lower or minimum marking, then you should top off with some oil ASAP. 


Brand new and fresh oil is usually a light brown/golden honey color. If your engine oil looks very dark, discolored, or filthy in any way, then you need to swap it out as soon as possible. If the oil seems cloudy, then you may have a coolant leak. If your oil looks abnormal in its appearance, please address this problem with one of our technicians so we can get the help you need.


Besides the color of your motor oil, you should consider the oil's consistency. Efficient oils should be smooth, translucent, and viscous. If the oil seems thick or sticky, you need to exchange the oil soon to prevent engine damage. 


Motor oil naturally can sometimes smell like nothing. It has a neutral smell that may vary depending on what kind of oil is used. However, if it smells burnt or distinct like gasoline, then you are most likely dealing with a leak of some sort. Please take your vehicle to Fox Run Auto immediately if you catch this.

Overall, checking your oil should be a piece of cake. If you notice that your oil looks or smells questionable, then we welcome you in for an inspection at Fox Run Auto. Otherwise, dirty and sludgy oil will not be able to maintain your engine's operations properly. For all your oil change and engine inspection/repair needs, please call or visit us today!

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