What Is the Difference Between an Engine Filter vs. Cabin Air Filter?

Most vehicles nowadays come equipped with both a cabin air filter and an engine air filter. These filters do similar jobs: keep contaminants out of critical systems in your vehicle. However, your engine air filter and cabin air filter both shield and preserve two very different systems in your vehicle. Today, our team will give you a breakdown and explain why it is essential to get these filters replaced seasonally. 


Engine Air Filter

Your engine air filter is situated underneath your engine’s hood, usually near the front of your engine. Its job is to keep debris, dust, and other harmful particles out of your engine. Your engine operates in a very restricted area with high heat and quick speeds, and even the smallest particle of dirt or dust can wreak havoc within your motor. If this happens, major engine components will ultimately break down. A clogged engine filter can also lead to reduced performance, increased emissions, and poor fuel economy. 


Cabin Air Filter

Your cabin air filter is accountable for your breathing comfort and safety! When you are driving in Bear, DE, you want to inhale fresh and pollution-free air. You can think of your cabin air filter as the barrier between the outside and inside. The filter keeps dust, dirt, smoke, pollen, and other contaminants from escaping into your cabin. If you neglect to replace a filthy cabin air filter, you might encounter musty smells and symptoms of sickness like sneezing and headaches. 


Next time you are due for a maintenance appointment, ask your trusted technician to check both your engine and cabin air filters. Our knowledgeable team of experts can replace your cabin and engine air filter if needed. For your auto service needs, give us a call or visit Fox Run Auto today!

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