What Is The Difference Between a Flashing vs. Steady Check Engine Light?

The check engine light strikes fear for most Bear, DE residents. Your car is telling you something is wrong with your engine, but you are unsure how to diagnose it. That shouldn't be your concern because we can figure it out for you at Fox Run Auto. Instead, the question you should be asking yourself at the moment is: Is my Check Engine Light blinking or steady? The difference is that one is more urgent than the other. 

Non-Flashing Engine Light

In some instances, the engine light will turn on but not flicker. This still indicates an issue with the engine; however, it does not require immediate attention. Nevertheless, do NOT wait too long to visit the auto repair shop. The problem can escalate if no action is taken. 

Flashing Engine Light

A blinking engine light is a significant cause for concern. In these circumstances, the car owner should immediately take their car to an auto repair shop. It may be unsafe for them to drive the vehicle there themselves. To ensure your safety, pull your vehicle over and have a tow truck take your car to the repair shop for you. 

Once your car arrives at the shop, our certified technicians will follow the same procedure to test for the engine problem. A flickering engine light will usually mean there is a problem within one or more of these areas:

  • Fuel injector
  • Oxygen sensor, airflow sensor, or other parts of the computing system
  • Ignition coil, spark plugs or spark plug wires
  • Catalytic converter
  • Engine valves

Out of these possible issues, the catalytic converter replacement is the most complex. This part attaches between the engine and the muffler and transforms harmful chemical emissions into gases that are safe to inhale. 

Do not take your chances on safety if this infamous yellow-orange light comes on. At Fox Run Auto in Bear, DE, we will conduct a comprehensive diagnostic test to inspect the engine. Our mechanics are certified with years of experience servicing engines. 

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