What Are the Signs of Muffler Problems?

Most people don’t notice their vehicle’s muffler until it starts acting up. Unfortunately, muffler repairs are one of those that you can’t put off. If you procrastinate on muffler service, it can cost you a pretty penny. Here is how to recognize when your vehicle’s muffler has gone bad:

Loud Rumbling Sounds

The most telltale sign of a broken or bad muffler is how your vehicle sounds. Since the muffler plays a part in keeping your vehicle quiet, a broken one can release your engine roar. If you notice a sound getting louder with acceleration, don’t ignore it. You might even feel it through vibrations. You should have your muffler checked out as soon as possible.

Lower Fuel Economy

When your muffler and exhaust system are down, your vehicle will consume more gas to eliminate the engine byproducts. If your fuel mileage starts to take a dip, make sure to check the muffler. A professional mechanic can look into the situation better and pinpoint the exact cause of your lowered fuel economy.

Exhaust Fumes

If you notice a bad stench around your vehicle, it may be coming from one or more pipes under your vehicle. Certain exhaust gasses can be dangerous, so please pay attention to the smells around your vehicle. 

Poor Engine Performance

Slow acceleration, engine knocking, and misfires are all problems to be concerned about. They are symptoms of an exhaust leak, which could come from your vehicle’s muffler. If your car is not running like normal, please take a look at your muffler and exhaust.

When to Repair/Replace Muffler

The muffler is housed in the undercarriage of your vehicle. Therefore, it is exposed to moisture, debris, road salt, and other contaminants. We typically see mufflers lasting 4-5 years for the average vehicle. However, some can last up to 10 years.

If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, please turn to the experts at Fox Run Auto Inc for a muffler/exhaust inspection. 

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