What Are The Dangers Of A Faulty Speedometer

The speedometer is used to inform the driver of the current speed the vehicle is traveling at. There are three types of speedometers: mechanical, electric, and mixed. The mechanical one can be distinguished by a physical pin that moves or a half-circle dial. Electric ones typically have a screen that displays either an imitated mechanical speedometer or the current speed in big numbers. And the mix can be a mechanical dial on a screen that can change depending on the driver's preference. 

Dangers Of A Faulty Speedometer

Whatever the speedometer type, it's one of the most important tools in a vehicle. If it malfunctions, the least we can say is that it's dangerous. Here are some of the dangers that a faulty speedometer can cause:

  • False perception of speed - this can cause you to be part of or cause dangerous situations.
  • Going above the speed limit - speed limits are there for a reason. The worst that can happen is getting into trouble with the authorities.
  • Faulty sensor activation - in some cars, there are sensors that work with other systems depending on the speed, for example, injecting less or more fuel than necessary.
  • Causing confusion on the road - when you have a false perception of the speed you're traveling at, it can result in weird actions and confusion among others on the road.
  • Bad fuel efficiency - stepping on the gas pedal all the time because you think you are going slower than you actually are, results in more fuel consumption.

This problem can be overlooked because people don't think of the consequences it may cause. The best advice we can give is to visit a repair shop the moment you notice anything fishy going on with the speedometer. 

Speedometer Repairs In Bear, DE!

One of the services we offer in our shop is speedometer repair. Fox Run Auto is equipped with all the tools needed for the job, even if it's as complex as an engine change. If you want to give your car the care it deserves, you are welcome to come by the shop, and we will take a look!

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