Vehicle Diagnostics at Fox Run Auto

The the world of auto repair, diagnostic testing often goes hand-in-hand with vehicle inspections. Diagnostics can reveal problems that aren't always seen with the naked eye, while physically inspecting the automotive systems and components can catch things that won't show up in any diagnostic tests. 

Covering Every Detail

At Fox Run Auto, we utilize advanced diagnostic testing equipment in our efforts to be as thorough as possible and make sure that no potential automotive problems go overlooked when vehicles are in our shop. This diagnostics equipment connects straight to the car's electrical system, its onboard computer and the various sensors found throughout the vehicle. It will pull up specific fault codes if any issues are detected.

Warning Lights

When your check engine light or any other warning lights come on, then you'll definitely want to have diagnostic tests run by an automotive expert who can review the fault codes and then perform a physical inspection to verify the source of the problem. Check engine lights can often be tripped by a variety of different vehicle systems, including the engine, transmission, fuel system, cooling system and exhaust system. The diagnostics help pinpoint the issue and then the automotive technician can go in and determine the full extent of any damage before repairs are recommended and made.

Think of it like a crime drama. Someone can call 911 and let the police know something has happened, but it's not until the detectives get in there to investigate that the crime can actually be solved. Diagnostic testing is like forensics. When paired with the physical investigation, the police are able to catch their suspects.

Faulty Sensors

There are cases where a sensor gives a false reading or the sensor itself is failing. This can lead to warning lights being tripped unnecessarily or inaccurate fault codes. This is why the physical inspection is so important. If a sensor is damaged, then a good mechanic will be able to recognize that as the actual problem and replace the sensor itself. 

If you are in Northern Delaware and have a warning light on or think there may be some other automotive issue that you can't quite put your finger on, then call Fox Run Auto today to schedule a diagnostic review and, if necessary, a vehicle inspection. We'll let you know our findings in a detailed report, along with accurate price estimates for any recommended repairs.

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