The 7 Most Common Reasons You Might Need Roadside Assistance from Fox Run Auto

There are many reasons why people in the Mid-Atlantic call Fox Run Auto for professional roadside assistance and towing services. Our AAA-approved drivers are available 24/7 and will get there as quickly as possible to help you out with whatever automotive problems you are having.

Here is a list of the most common reasons people call for Fox Run Auto roadside assistance:

1. Flat Tire

Perhaps the most common reason for roadside assistance is when someone has a flat tire or a blowout while driving and are unable to change the spare tire themselves. Sometimes the lug nuts can be tough to get loose with the weak tire iron that comes with the car. Fox Run Auto can be there to help change a tire or provide a tow to the nearest tire repair shop.

2. Ran Out of Gas

Another common issue is when someone runs out of gas and is stranded on the roadside. Give Fox Run Auto a call and we’ll be there with enough gas to get you to the next station.

3. Locked Out of Car

Though the technology of today’s most modern vehicles and key fobs make it harder to lock yourself out, it can still happen to anyone. Professional roadside assistance can help you get into your car and get back on the road.

4. Dead Battery

Whether your battery is dead and needs a jump start or there is an issue with the starter or alternator, roadside assistance can help determine the problem. If the battery needs to be replaced, our drivers keep extra NAPA batteries on hand or they can tow you to Fox Run Auto for further repairs.

5. Car Overheating

If your car repeatedly overheats, it can be dangerous to keep pushing it. You risk major engine damage. Sometimes it’s best to pull off the road and call for roadside assistance to address the problem and point you in the right direction for repairs.

6. Check Engine Light

Depending on your vehicle’s warning systems, there may be different degrees in which the check engine light is illuminated. Oftentimes, a bright red or flashing light indicates there is a severe problem. When this happens, you should probably get off the road and call for help.

7. Need a Vehicle Towed

Whether you’re in an accident, have an automotive problem while on the road or you know your car is in need of repairs and it’s stuck at home or work, Fox Run Auto roadside assistance can come and tow your vehicle to any automotive shop you want. Of course, we recommend bringing it to Fox Run Auto for a proper diagnosis and quality repairs, but our tow trucks will take the vehicle anywhere you want.

Call Fox Run Auto towing when you need AAA-approved roadside assistance or auto repair services at (302) 834-1200 (after hours and weekends call (866) 510-1589).


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