Taking Care of Your Car's Heart—Give Your Engine Some Love this Valentine's Day!

If we're thinking about your car like a human body, the axles and wheels would be like the arms, legs, hands and feet. The transmission would be its brain. That would, of course, make the engine its heart and soul. A smooth-running engine is like a healthy heart pumping blood throughout your body. It provides power and energy to everything in the vehicle. 

Show Your Car Some Love

We know you love your car, so Valentine's Day is a good reminder to make sure your vehicle is properly taken care of with regular maintenance and repairs. Oil changes, tire rotations and brake services are all important preventative maintenance tasks. Clean oil is especially vital to engine's health and performance. 

Engine Inspection and Tune Up

Speaking of the engine—the heart of your vehicle—now might be a great time for a proper system inspection and tune up at Fox Run Auto. Let our knowledgeable automotive technicians run diagnostic tests and inspect your engine's key components to make sure everything is working correctly and running efficiently. We can check everything from the fuel system and air intake to the spark plugs and head gasket. If everything looks good, then you'll have added peace of mind when driving your car. If there are any issues we find, we will let you know with a full inspection report.

We can detail our findings and let you know if there are any repair or maintenance recommendations before you authorize any further work beyond the initial inspection. At Fox Run Auto, we believe in being upfront with you and giving you the information and advice you need to make smart repair decisions. 

Thorough Vehicle Inspections and Repairs

If you want us to inspect anything else like the brakes, suspension, cooling system, transmission or exhaust system, we can provide a bumper-to-bumper review and let you know exactly what we find. The goal is to keep your car running its best, from it's engine heart to all of it's most important mechanical systems and electronic components. 

To schedule your vehicle inspection or engine tune up at Fox Run Auto, call us today at (302) 597-9205 or schedule your service appointment online.


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