Summer Maintenance Tips from Fox Run Auto

Can you believe it's already July? This has been one crazy year and it may get even crazier before we're all said and done. For now, people are trying to enjoy this beautiful summer weather while we can. That means road trips and more driving in the summer heat, which will make your vehicle work a little harder (especially for those of us who haven't been driving as much these past few months).

This time of year is always a good one to take care of some necessary automotive maintenance procedures. Here are a few we recommend at Fox Run Auto:

Oil Change

Even if you haven't put as much mileage on your car this year, the oil can still deteriorate when the car sits around. The change of season is always a good reminder to get your oil changed and keep your vehicle running as well as possible when you need to drive it more.

Tire Rotation

When is the last time you had your tires rotated? You should be doing it every 5,000-10,000 miles to keep the tread wear even and keep your tires lasting as long as possible. If your tires are worn out, now may be the time to get new ones. We always have good deals on tires at Fox Run Auto!

Air Conditioning Service

With the summer sun comes more heat and humidity here in Northern Delaware. You are going to want your A/C system working efficiently and blowing refreshing cold air when you need it. You can bring you car into Fox Run Auto for a full air conditioning system tune up. We can check your cabin air filter, clean the vents/fans, test the thermostat and recharge the refrigerant (if needed) to make sure everything is working the way it should.

Brake Service

More drivers on the road this summer mean you want your brakes to be working properly. Fox Run Auto can perform a thorough brake inspection and service to replace any worn parts and keep your brake system doing what it's supposed to do.

Wheel Alignment

Poor wheel alignment can affect your tire tread wear, vehicle handling, driver safety and even fuel efficiency. Get your wheel alignment checked this summer and adjusted as needed.

Sanitize and Protect RX Service

Fox Run Auto's annual automotive "flu shot" involves a full sanitization of your vehicle using a clean and green solution that will help keep your car as sanitized as possible for up to a full year. This is more important than ever as you get out and interact with more people this summer. Learn more about our Sanitize and Protect RX Service here.

These are just some of the standard automotive maintenance services you should consider as we head into summer. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a service, call Fox Run Auto today at (302) 597-9205 or book your appointment online.


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