Should I Have My Car Checked Before a Long Trip?

Are you planning for a long drive sooner? We suggest getting your car thoroughly inspected to avoid costly repairs or precious vacation time wasted at a dealership. A well-maintained car doesn't just extend its lifespan but it also ensures you arrive at your destination without any issues. Check our tips below:

Check the Battery

It's recommended to have your car's battery checked at least once a year. Disconnect the battery and use a wire brush for cleaning the connectors to avoid leaks. If you have no experience cleaning your battery, get in touch with a professional.

Get it Professionally Maintained

A minor issue with your car could lead to a major problem that will jeopardize vacation time. You can avoid this with proper maintenance. Contact a licensed technician to help you check your car's fluid levels, spark plugs, coolant, fuel, and air filters. During the appointment, the technician will address any concerns and ensure your car is in excellent shape.

Inspect the Belts and Hoses

Check the belts and hoses to ensure they are not cracked or frayed. Otherwise, it can lead to problems with your vehicle's cooling systems and power steering. We also suggest checking the manufacturer's manual for recommended belt and hose service intervals as it might be time to get them professionally replaced.

Check the Brakes

Wobbling noises could mean the rotor surface is uneven. We advise smoothening the face of the rotor to correct the problem. If you hear squealing noises, you may need to get your brake pads replaced. Grinding noises usually means it's time to get your brakes checked out by a professional. When you see the brake light on, it's definitely time to contact a dealership near you — it's the only way to ensure you won't have issues when going on a long drive.

Inspect the Tires and Alignment

The last thing you want when going on a long drive is getting a flat tire. You can avoid this disaster by having your tires and alignment checked before your trip. Work with a licensed professional to also check the tire pressure and if the tires are worn out or not.

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