Longtime Customer Gets Damaged Tire Replaced at Fox Run Auto

Don is a longtime customer of Fox Run Auto. He knows he can always count on our team to help with his family's automotive needs, whether it's an emergency repair or standard maintenance services. Recently, he brought his wife's new car into the shop to address a tire problem.

"This past Monday evening, my wife picked up a bolt through the right front tire on a new vehicle," Don says. "I didn't want to chance a blowout, so I traded cars with her and carefully drove straight to Fox Run Auto to drop off the car. Because of the location of the bolt, as I suspected, the tire couldn't be repaired. But, the team at Fox Run squeezed me in the next day, quickly located a matching tire and had it replaced early that dat at the price I expected to pay."

Tire damage is a common automotive issue that we all have to deal with. Any time you encounter a flat tire or slow leak, notice any unusual tread wear or sidewall damage, or find any foreign objects stuck in the rubber (such as a nail or screw), you should get the tire(s) looked at as soon as possible. As Don says, it's best not to risk a blowout that can be very dangerous when driving and can potentially do even more damage to the vehicle. Driving with a flat or having a blowout can lead to severe wheel, suspension or axle problems.

In Don's case, he was right that the bolt had caused too much damage to repair the tire. It had to be replaced. The Fox Run Auto team was able to track down a replacement tire and get it installed as quickly as possible, so Don and his wife could get safely back on the road.

"I've relied on Mike Defino's team for more than 20 years and have taken all of my family's cars there for service," Don adds. "Mike's team always makes sure our cars are safe to drive, providing peace of mind for our entire family. Let Mike's team provide your family with the same peace of mind, knowing he wouldn't let you drive away unsafe."

Thank you, Don, for the kind words and for being a part of the Fox Run family for all these years. We are always here to help whenever you need us.

For anyone in the Northern Delaware area in need of any automotive repair or maintenance services, call Fox Run Auto today at (302) 597-9205 or schedule an appointment online.


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