Keep Your Ventilation System Clean


A clean car directly correlates to a happy car-owner. The ventilation system in your car needs regular cleaning in order to avoid unexpected problems. If you fail to upkeep your vehicle, the air in your car will become unhealthy to breathe in and could make you and your passenger ill. 


How often should I clean my ventilator?

The standard in the industry is to get a cleaning every year and a half, or 15,000 miles, whichever comes first. It depends on how long your cabin filter lasts before it becomes too dirty to do its job. The process will involve the mechanic clearing out space where the air enters your car and the location of the filter. Some vehicles have one filter, and some have two. 


Benefits of a Clean Ventilating System


Boost in Fuel Economy

When you have your air filter cleaned out, it allows your car to use fuel more efficiently. Some older vehicles see as much as a 14 percent improvement to their MPG after this routine maintenance task is completed. Your car will also accelerate faster once your air filter has been changed. 


Reduce Emissions and Spark Plug Failure

Failing to keep your ventilator clean can result in spark plug malfunction. If your spark plugs are not working correctly, your car will be challenging to drive. The more air your engine gets, the less likely it is to contribute to pollution. 


Prolong Your Engine

You will get more years out of your vehicle's car engine with regular cleanings since a clean ventilator keeps out particles and debris from interfering with your engine.


Functioning HVAC System 

An air filter left beyond its life span will make a vehicle's HVAC system work harder. Dirty or clogged cabin air filters will restrict the amount of air flowing from the vents. Regular cleanings will ensure your air ducts are blowing out air that matches the temperature you have it set as.


If you need a new cabin air filter, come by Fox Run Auto Service Center for a replacement. We will ensure that you will breathe fresh and clean air after the service.

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