Keep Your Brakes Lasting Longer with These 5 Tips

If you are like most drivers, you hate having to get work done on your car. One of the most common automotive repairs needed is replacing the brake pads. When they get too worn down, they become much less effective. It can be dangerous to drive with low brake pads or other brake system damage. It's important to get your brakes inspected periodically and deal with the maintenance as needed. 

The good news is there are ways to help keep your brakes healthier for longer. You may be able to extend the intervals between brake services and brake pad replacements with these 5 tips from Fox Run Auto:

1. Slow Down!

This may sound counterintuitive because you generally use your brakes to slow down. However, if you aren't driving as fast or aggressively all the time, you simply won't have to rely on your brakes so much. Drive smoother and a little slower at all times. Don't tailgate and leave yourself more room between cars to gently brake rather than slamming on the brakes. Your brakes will appreciate it!

2. Watch Your Foot Placement

This is something many drivers will do without even realizing it. They keep one foot on the brake pedal and on the gas pedal at the same time. You are pressing the gas to accelerate while still applying a little pressure on the brake. This is an easy way to add brake wear, so be more deliberate with your foot placement if you can.

3. Use Coasting, Engine Braking and Technology

You can try coasting a bit more when driving down hills, rather than riding the brakes. Or, you can shift into a lower gear to keep the vehicle moving slower without having to use the brakes nearly as much. This is known as "engine braking" and can be effective if you know what you are doing. Many modern vehicles have advanced brake system features and cruise control technology that keeps you at the pace of the vehicle in front of you. This can benefit your brakes as the computer can be more efficient with braking than you are manually.

4. Reduce Your Weight

Towing heavy loads and having a heavier overall vehicle will naturally put more strain on your entire vehicle, especially the brake system. Lighten the weight when you can and it will help preserve your brakes.

5. Brake Maintenance

Lastly, you should take care of brake maintenance when recommended. Eventually, the brake pads may need to be replaced and the brake drums/rotors may need servicing. The brake lines might also need to be bled periodically for better brake system performance. Keep your brakes healthier for longer with routine maintenance.

For all your brake repair and maintenance needs in Northern Delaware, call Fox Run Auto today at (302) 597-9205 or schedule your service appointment online.


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