Is Your Fuel Pump Failing? Look for These 8 Signs.

The fuel pump is an essential component of any vehicle that burns gasoline or diesel fuel for power. It controls the flow of fuel from the gas tank to the engine, allowing the car to accelerate as desired. If your fuel pump or another part of your fuel system starts to fail, you will likely notice some issues.

Fox Run Auto has identified these 8 common problems associated with fuel pump failure. At the first sign of fuel system issues, you will want to bring your vehicle into a professional mechanic for proper diagnosis and repairs.

1. Car Won't Start

This could be any number of things like a dead battery, weak spark plugs, empty fuel tank, damaged alternator or an internal engine problem. It could also be a sign of fuel system failure. A good auto shop will be able to determine the source of the issue and recommend the necessary repairs.

2. Sputtering Engine

A sputtering engine often means there isn't enough fuel getting into the combustion chamber, so it is struggling to fire on all cylinders smoothly and consistently. A bad fuel pump would definitely cause this.

3. Trouble Starting the Car

If you are having trouble getting your car started at all, it could be a fuel system problem worth getting checked out.

4. High-Temperature Stalling

Another sign of a weak fuel pump is when your car is running at high temperatures and stalling out. If the vehicle is overheating, it could also be a cooling system issue. 

5. Losing Power Under Stress

Many vehicles will struggle a little bit when climbing a steep hill or carrying a heavier load than normal, but a damaged fuel pump will really make it noticeable. If you lose a significant amount of power when the vehicle is under extra stress, it might be a fuel system problem.

6. Surging Engine

Like sputtering in #2, another sign to look for is surging. The engine will rev loudly and the RPMs may surge back and forth inconsistently between high and low. You will probably feel the car struggling to maintain a consistent speed. This is a very common sign of a failing fuel pump.

7. Weak Gas Mileage

There are many issues that can cause you to lose fuel economy, but of course a fuel system failure will affect your gas mileage. If you notice a significant drop in your MPGs, get your vehicle serviced and inspected as soon as you can before it gets even worse.

8. Fuel Tank Whining

The last and perhaps most common symptom of a failing fuel pump is when you hear a distinct whining sound coming from the fuel tank. It usually means the fuel pump isn't working right and the fuel system is having trouble pulling fuel from the tank.

These are some of the most common signs of fuel pump failure or other fuel system damage. If you are in the Northern Delaware area and are experiencing fuel system issues (or anything else unusual with your vehicle), call Fox Run Auto today at (302) 597-9205 or schedule your service appointment online.


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