Is Your Car Leaking Fluid? Here's What You Need to Do About it.

Fluid leaks are fairly common, especially the older that your vehicle gets. There are so many small parts that can wear out over time (nuts, bolts, rubber gaskets and other seals) or just become loose. This may allow vital fluids to escape from your vehicle. 

A small leak may not seem like a big deal at first, but it is not something you want to ignore. After all, it could turn into a major problem down the road if left alone. With this in mind, here are some of the things you will want to do as a responsible vehicle owner when you notice any kind of fluid leak.

Identifying the Fluid

First, it helps to identify which type of fluid it is and that may determine the urgency with which you need to address the leak. Certainly, if it's a fuel leak, that is something extremely concerning and you will want it addressed as soon as humanly possible. Otherwise, use this Fox Run Auto vehicular fluid guide to understand the differences you can look for. Usually the color is the easiest way to tell different fluids apart.

Don't Ignore It

Otherwise, any leak in the engine oil, transmission fluid, radiator coolant (antifreeze), brake fluid or power steering fluid is cause for concern. These are not fluids you want to be at low levels because they can result in major internal damage and/or safety issues. An air conditioning coolant (Freon) or windshield wiper fluid leak may not be as distressing as they don't impact the performance of the car itself, but they should be dealt with before too long. A/C coolant can be especially hazardous, so you should always be careful.

Seek Professional Help

If you don't know what is leaking, your best bet is always to take it to a professional mechanic who can identify the fluid, locate the source of the leak and recommend the necessary repairs. Odds are, the sooner you deal with the leak, the less damages (and costs) you are likely to incur. A leading auto shop like Fox Run Auto can also inspect the quality of the fluid itself. A leak could be a sign of a bigger internal issue that may require a full fluid flush.

If you have leaking fluid in any part of your car, don't wait for it to become something much worse. Bring your vehicle to Fox Run Auto in Bear, DE. Call our shop today at (302) 597-9205 or schedule your service appointment online.



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