Is Something Wrong with Your Emissions System?

Are you worried about your car's emissions system? It is not good when there is an emissions problem or exhaust system failure. It can cause performance issues in your engine, potentially leading to costly internal damage. It's also bad for you and the environment when harmful fumes and carbon monoxide are getting out more than they should. It could also be illegal to drive a vehicle in Delaware with a malfunctioning emissions system!

Emissions System Inspection

Delaware has very specific emissions requirements for all vehicles and you may require inspection from time to time. It's best to have peace of mind before any type of emissions inspection, so you can get your car pre-inspected and, if needed, repaired at Fox Run Auto. Key members of our service team are certified emissions specialists, here to help you with all your exhaust and emissions needs.

Vehicle Warning Lights

The check engine light is the most common warning sign of an emissions problem. Most modern vehicles have very advanced sensors and you will usually get an even more specific message letting you know when it is a potential emissions issue. There could be something wrong within your exhaust system, such as a failing catalytic converter or exhaust leak. Or, one of your oxygen sensors could just be malfunctioning. You typically won't want to take any chances when the check engine light or any other warning light come on in your car. Let Fox Run Auto run diagnostics and perform a thorough inspection to determine exactly what's wrong.

Poor Gas Mileage

Another common thing you might notice is a significant loss of fuel economy. This can be caused by many different things, but again the exhaust and emissions system is often the culprit. As your engine burns fuel, the dangerous gases being expelled need to be properly burned off before they exit the tail pipe. If not, the engine simply won't perform as well and you will start to experience any number of performance issues. This typically includes poor gas mileage that will cost you money at the pump while more damage is potentially being done within the engine itself!

Strange Sounds or Smells

You may notice engine knocks, vibrations or funny smells. These can all be signs of emissions problems or exhaust system issues. If you ever notice an unusually strong smell of gasoline or exhaust fumes, you won't want to wait too long before getting your vehicle looked at by a professional mechanic.

If you think something is wrong with your emissions system or there may be some sort of exhaust system problems affecting your vehicle, call the Northern Delaware emissions experts at Fox Run Auto. We can be reached at (302) 597-9205, or you can also book your service appointment online.


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