How to Support Local Businesses in Northern Delaware

At Fox Run Auto, we are extremely grateful that we have been able to stay open for business during the COVID-19 crisis. Unfortunately, many other local businesses and their workers haven't been as lucky. Whether they've had to close their doors temporarily, cut hours, reduce staff or dramatically change their operations pretty much overnight, many small businesses and residents in Northern Delaware are struggling right now and it's very sad to see. 

Even as the economy starts to reopen, it is going to be a long while before we get back to "normal" as we knew it before COVID-19. Some things may never be the same and we will all have to adapt in different ways. Still, there are ways that you can help your friends, family, neighbors and local businesses to get through these hard times.

Buy Gift Cards

Almost all businesses will offer gift cards or gift certificates and this is a great way to support them during this time. You can buy gift credit for their products and services. They can use the money now while you can utilize the gift card later. This is a great idea for your favorite local bars, restaurants and retail stores.

Order Takeout and Delivery

Most restaurants are still open for takeout and delivery services, and even dine-in services will likely be limited when things start to open back up. You may not be able to sit at your favorite table right now, but you can enjoy your favorite local food in the comfort and safety of your own home. Place an order for carryout or delivery in order to show your support for local restaurants.

Write Online Reviews

Online reviews through Google, Yelp, Facebook and other sources are really beneficial to small businesses. Whether you've used their products or services recently or not, take some time out of your day to post reviews and ratings that will make a difference for them in the long run.

Follow on Social Media

Social media is another great way to show support, interact and stay up-to-date with what's happening at your favorite local businesses. Follow them on whatever social media pages they have, like posts and share comments so that they feel your appreciation.

Use Online Services

Some businesses are limited to online stores and virtual services only. Check out their websites and see what they are offering.

Making a Positive Difference

Beyond just supporting local businesses, find creative ways to personally make a positive difference in the lives of your neighbors, friends and family. Help someone in need or just do what you can to brighten their days. A little cheer can go a long way. We're all dealing with a lot of stress and emotion these days, so you can really make a positive difference financially, emotionally and spiritually by proactively helping others.

Thank You!

Last but certainly not least, we also must take the time to thank everyone working on the front lines. This includes health care workers, first responders, volunteers and any essential service worker keeping our community running. We truly appreciate what you are doing to keep Northern Delaware as safe and healthy as possible!

From our Fox Run Auto family to yours, we hope you all stay safe and let's keep working together to keep our community strong.


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