How to Protect Your Vehicle's Battery in the Summer Heat

Most people are already aware. When summer comes by, that means there's summer heat to deal with. What some people aren't aware of, however, is how summer heat negatively affects their vehicle's battery. Summer heat can definitely kill your vehicle's battery, so you should take several steps to prevent that from happening.

What Exactly is Happening to the Battery in the Summer Heat?

While you might think the cold is what kills your vehicle battery, the heat is actually worse in comparison. Summer heat can evaporate vital liquids that your battery relies on. Summer heat can also accelerate corrosion and sulfation of the battery. The heat can even cause your battery to overcharge, leading to a decreased battery lifespan. You would definitely want to take steps to prevent that.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Battery

First, you would want to get into the habit of regularly checking your battery and battery case during the summer. Be attentive to any warning signs you may see, such as visible corrosion and leaking fluids. Keeping your battery cool is also a way to help protect your battery. Park in the shade, or park in a cool area. Car covers may also help. You should also watch your driving habits. An alternator charges your vehicle's battery while you're not driving, so constantly doing short driving trips may not allow the alternator to fully charge the battery. On the other hand, however, don't leave your car dormant for too long; that can also lead to a shortened battery lifespan. Other ways that you can help protect your vehicle's battery include but are not limited to: keeping the battery clean, regular maintenance, moderating car battery usage, adding water if the battery is not sealed and has a low water level, flushing your cooling system with fresh coolant periodically, etc.

Though if you do happen to have a dead vehicle battery, it's not the end of the world. If you need your vehicle battery serviced, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Fox Run Auto today!

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