Fox Run Auto Helps Van Owner Fix Faulty Sensor and Rusted Wiring Harness

Darin knows he can always count on the team at Fox Run Auto to take care of any automotive problems in a professional and honest manner. This was again the case when he brought his van into our shop because of some electrical problems. His check engine light was on, so he turned to Fox Run Auto to diagnose the issue and get it fixed quickly.

"Like always, the Fox Run Crew takes care of you!" Darin says. "Our van had a check engine light on, and it was diagnosed as one of the sensors. But, it was fused/rusted to the main wiring harness on the vehicle."

This can be a fairly common electrical problem in older vehicles. The wires and harnesses can get corroded or rusted, which means parts start to fuse together over time. The sensor failure is what tripped the check engine light, but the main issue was getting it replaced because of how it was stuck to the wiring harness.

Our technicians were able to track down a new pigtail harness rather than trying to salvage the old one. We were able to replace both the harness and the sensor quickly and affordably for our customer. He was back out on the road in his van the same day.

"The FR crew found a pigtail that turned an expensive harness into into a $50 solution," Darin adds. "And was able to get it back up and running in a day."

Thank you, Darin, for the positive review and for continuing to put your trust in the team at Fox Run Auto. We are glad to have found an effective and affordable solution for this sensor and harness repair.

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