Don't Let Your Engine Overheat This Summer

An overheating engine can happen any time of year if there are problems with your engine or cooling system. However, it can happen more often when it's hotter outside during the summer months. Taking long road trips, driving up steep grades and simply sitting in stop-and-go traffic can all put added strain on your engine and cooling system. The warm weather can exacerbate any problems. 

Other Factors Affecting Engine Overheating

The age and condition of your vehicle can also make a difference. Older engines with a lot of mileage are more susceptible to damage and problems like overheating. With an older vehicle, you want to take special care when driving in the hot summer months. You also want to make sure your cooling system is in good shape. Your fans and belts should be working properly and the radiator should have plenty of fresh, clean coolant in it. Some older vehicles may run better in the heat with a different water-to-coolant ratio—compared to what you might want to use in the cold winter months. We have all four seasons in Northern Delaware, so coolant mixture may be a concern for some drivers.

Cooling System Inspection & Maintenance

Now is not a bad time to get a cooling system inspection and tune up as we get into the hottest days of the year. It doesn't matter whether or not you've had overheating problems in the past. Something like that can happen without much warning. The best defense is preventative maintenance. If you are in the Northern Delaware area, you can bring your vehicle into Fox Run Auto for a complete inspection (including a careful look at your cooling system). We can run tests and perform a physical review of your vehicle's key systems to make sure that everything is running right. If repairs or maintenance services are recommended, we'll let you what it costs and get your authorization before we do anything further. 

Professional Cooling System Repairs

If you are already experiencing some signs of overheating (smoke/steam, temperature gauge running high, etc.) or a coolant leak coming from under the radiator or engine compartment, you won't want to wait too long to get your vehicle checked out by an expert. It's usually best to catch a minor problem before it turns into something much worse like a damaged engine or blown water pump. 

For all your cooling system and engine repair needs this summer, call Fox Run Auto at (302) 597-9205 or schedule your inspection appointment online.


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