Do I Need to Break In a New Car?

We've all heard the term breaking in new shoes, so it may have you wondering, "Do I need to do the same for a brand new car?" For those of you who are starting off the year with a new car, you're probably very protective of your investment. Though your vehicle probably doesn't need any major maintenance items quite yet, there are three things you should know when "breaking in" your new car.

Avoid Harsh Acceleration

With a new whip, you're probably tempted to floor it every time you get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, that's not a healthy practice, no matter how new your car is. Aggressive acceleration, especially upon engine startup, can be extremely harmful as it doesn't give time for the engine to warm up. Instead, take it easy to reduce strain on your motor.

Avoid Excessive Braking

On the other hand, you should also be cautious about how you brake. New brake pads need at least a couple hundred miles of wear-in to sit against the rotors and calipers. To avoid premature brake wear, make your brake movements nice and slow.

Don't Take Too Frequent of Short Trips

Short trips are highly frowned upon on brand new vehicles. The engine is cold, making it work harder to deliver oil to the engine components. To break in your shiny, new car, take it out for a spin to warn your engine through and through. It doesn't hurt to take a long cruise on your new ride!

Take a Look at the Owner's Manual

While this doesn't directly impact your driving, you should go through the manual book to learn more about what all your car has to offer. You'll also be able to understand where the different parts are and learn about the various service intervals. 

Congratulations if you recently purchased a new car! If you need help with your factory scheduled maintenance, including oil changes, tire rotations, and brake replacements, look no further than Fox Run Auto.

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