Damaged Engine Mount? Here's What You Need to Know.

When you think about all the torque, power and vibrations caused by an engine running at thousands of revolutions per minute (RPM), it's easy to understand how the engine mounts have to take on a lot of stress. The engine mounts (or motor mounts, if you prefer) are the connecting points that keep the engine itself securely bolted to the chassis of the vehicle.

Signs of a Broken or Loose Motor Mount

Over time, it's fairly common for the engine mounts to weaken. In some severe cases, a mount can even snap. If any of the motor mounts aren't securely keeping the engine in place, it will cause problems and it can make the vehicle very dangerous to drive. 

There are some common signs that you will likely notice if you have a weak, loose or broken engine mount. Here are the symptoms you can look for:

1. Impact Noises

In the automotive industry, they are usually referred to as "impact noises." These are loud sounds that will come from the engine compartment and usually associated with damaged motor mounts. You might here loud rattling, clunking or banging when the engine is running. This can be a sign of bad engine mounts. It could also be another automotive issue involving the suspension system, exhaust system, loose/torn fan belt or something else worth getting inspected by a professional mechanic.

2. Movement of the Engine

The most obvious and concerning sign of a damaged engine mount is when the engine actually moves while driving. Of course, it's very heavy and it should be quite noticeable if it is shifting within in the engine bay. You will usually feel it jerking from side-to-side when cornering or lurching forward when you come to a stop. If you think the engine might actually be moving while you are driving, you will want to get it repaired as soon as possible.

3. Major Vibrations

If you are driving and feel really significant vibrations in the car, a loose or weakening motor mount may be the culprit. Again, it could be something else like the suspension, wheel alignment or exhaust, but it is something you will want to get checked out before it turns into a major problem. 

If you are in the Mid-Atlantic area and think you have a damaged engine mount or some other issue with your vehicle, call Fox Run Auto today at (302) 927-9205 or schedule your vehicle inspection appointment online.


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