Customer Gets Tire Patched at Fox Run Auto

Joann noticed that one of her tires was losing air pressure. She refilled it every day, but it kept leaking. She knew something was wrong and wasn't comfortable driving around with a tire that couldn't hold air pressure. Joann called Fox Run Auto in Bear, DE for help.

"I was losing air in my front driver side tire," Joann says. "I felt insecure driving my car with low pressure light and having to fill it up daily for a few days. I called, explained my problem, and they fit me within an hour!"

Once Joann's car was in our shop, our automotive technicians inspected the tire for damage. There was small hole in the tire, which was causing a slow leak. It would hold air for a little while, but obviously Joann kept having to fill it up each day. Even if the tire will hold air for some time, it's not a great idea to drive for long with a damaged tire. Get it checked out by a tire expert as soon as possible. The tire itself will wear out quickly and you can risk a blowout. 

Driving with uneven air pressure in one or more tire can also wreak havoc on the vehicle itself. You may experience handling issues while putting added stress on the wheel, brakes, suspension, axle and overall wheel alignment. As is common in auto repair, one little problem like that can snowball into a number of significant issues that could be costly to repair.

Thankfully, in Joann's case, the hole was repairable. The tire just needed to be patched and not replaced.

"They patched it while I waited. Problem solved," Joann adds. "Great job, and quickly done! Thank you."

Thank you, Joann, for catching the leak quickly and being proactive about getting it looked at by the Fox Run Auto team. It's always nice when it's a minor fix rather than major problems!

If you need tire or wheel repair, or if you are due for new tires, call Fox Run Auto today at (302) 597-9205 or schedule your service appointment online.


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