Customer Appreciates Inspection Process at Fox Run Auto

Lynette recently brought her car into Fox Run Auto for repairs. She thought it was one problem based on what another auto shop told her previously, but she wanted a second opinion. Lynette had also downloaded a service coupon from our website (we also have great Groupon deals from time to time) and was willing to give our shop a try.

"Quick and efficient and coupon friendly," Lynette says in her online review. "The issue I thought I had, I don't. They advised me and moved forward with what was needed. I've been told I needed things I haven't in the past so this was a big plus for me."

At Fox Run Auto, we believe in telling it like it is. We're not here to upsell our customers on unnecessary automotive services, but we also aren't going to sugarcoat the news if we do find something concerning. One reason we rarely ever give price estimates over the phone (before we see the vehicle) is because we want to be able to give a more accurate assessment. 

Any repair at Fox Run Auto starts with a thorough inspection process. If you think it's a specific problem, our technicians will certainly look at it, run tests and inspect those specific parts. Our priority is to get to the bottom of any automotive issue and give you a full inspection report that breaks down all our findings. If there are problems, we will let you know exactly what is wrong and what it will take to repair it. If there isn't a significant concern, we will let you the vehicle has a clean bill of health. Our technicians are great at letting you know when maintenance services are due or when you can hold off on certain things.

In addition to the inspection report, we will be able to provide accurate price estimates on any recommended repairs or maintenance services before you commit to any work being done. Any auto shop that gives you a quote over the phone before they've seen the vehicle is just making an educated guess based on what you tell them. We don't like guesswork here at Fox Run Auto, so we want to let you know exactly what we recommend and what the necessary parts and labor will cost.

In Lynette's case, she came in thinking she had one problem but it turned out to be something else. We let her know what we found and she agreed to have us proceed with the proper repair services.

"I'll definitely be back," Lynette adds. "Hopefully just for routine maintenance, though."

Yes, Lynette, we also hope it's just for minor maintenance work next time, as well. Just know that whatever automotive services you need, the team at Fox Run Auto will be here to give you honest advice and accurate recommendations.

For all your auto care needs in Northern Delaware, call Fox Run Auto today at (312) 597-9205 or schedule your appointment online to minimize your wait or arrange contactless service through our after-hours dropbox.


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