Cooling System Maintenance Tips for the Summer Season

We're in the midst of the hottest months of the year in Northern Delaware. One common concern for drivers is overheating. If your vehicle is prone to overheating on hot days or you just want to make sure it never happens when you are out on a summer road trip, there are some maintenance and inspection tips you can take to keep your car's cooling system healthy.

Here's what we recommend at Fox Run Auto:

1. Check the Coolant Level

When the vehicle is completely cooled down, you can safely and carefully remove the radiator cap and inspect the coolant. Check to make sure it's filled to the proper level and also look at the coolant itself. If it appears thick, discolored, milky or dirty, you may be overdue for a cooling system service. If the level is just a little low, you can top it off with some fresh radiator coolant and/or distilled water. Just make sure you are using the proper coolant and recommended mixture for your vehicle.

2. Inspect Belts, Fans and Hoses

This is something else you can do on your own. Take a careful look at all the cooling system hoses and connection points to make sure there are no cracks or leaks. Retighten the connector clamps if anything just feels a little loose. Inspect the belts and see if there is any damage. You can even try spinning the fan blade by hand. If it spins more than 5 times with little effort, the clutch is probably bad. Some parts you may be able to replace on your own. Other repairs may be best left to auto repair experts if you don't know what you are doing.

3. Monitor the Temperature Gauge

If overheating is a concern, keep a close eye on your dashboard temperature gauge while driving. If it constantly gets into the red and continues to run hot, you may have a cooling system problem that needs to be addressed. If the car does start to overheat, pull over and let it cool down completely. If the problems persist, you should probably get your vehicle looked at by a trusted mechanic.

4. Check Your Engine Oil

Though not necessarily part of your cooling system, the engine oil plays a significant part in keeping your engine from overheating. It provides vital lubrication for fast-moving components, so you want to be sure it is filled to the proper level and the fluid is healthy. Keeping up with your regularly scheduled oil changes is always a good idea to keep your vehicle running right.

5. Get a Cooling System Inspection and/or Service

When in doubt, you can always bring your vehicle into Fox Run Auto for a cooling system inspection. We'll be happy to look everything over and let you know exactly what we find. We can also provide a full cooling system service to replace the coolant and any damaged components.

For all your summer cooling system needs in Northern Delaware, count on the team at Fox Run Auto. Call us today at (302) 597-9205 or schedule your service appointment online.


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