Get Ready to Go Back to School with These Auto Care Tips

The summer break is almost over and it's time to get the kids back to school soon. While you are out shopping for new backpacks, clothes and other supplies, you should also be thinking about your family car. When is the last time you had maintenance done? Did you take any big road trips this summer? Is your vehicle ready for the fall and winter seasons?

Now is the perfect time to take care of your family car as we transition from the summer months into the regular school year. You may be overdue for an oil change or some new tires. Perhaps your brake pads are a bit worn and need replacing. Here are some other often-overlooked services to consider:

Fluid Check and Top-Off

The hot summer months can really take a toll on your automotive fluids. It's always smart to get your fluid levels checked out heading into fall. Make sure you have enough radiator coolant and transmission fluid. And of course, get your engine oil drained changed (along with the filter) if you are due for an oil change. In addition to checking the fluid levels, you will also want to inspect the fluid quality. Fluids that are dark, thick or dirty may just need replacing, or they could be a sign of some other automotive issues that need addressing.

Fuel System Service

If you did a lot of driving this summer, having your fuel system checked is a good idea. You may need to have your fuel filter replaced and the fuel lines cleaned. A full fuel system service isn't a maintenance procedure you need to often, but it is always smart to have it looked at periodically to ensure proper performance. This service can help improve your gas mileage by ensuring cleaner fuel gets into the engine.

Air Filter Replacement

Speaking of cleaner things getting into your engine, now is usually the right time to replace your engine air filter. Summer driving can kick up a lot of dust and debris that will ultimately clog up your air filter and hinder your engine's performance. You should inspect the filter and replace it if necessary. The same can be said for the cabin air filter. It doesn't need to be replaced nearly as often as the engine air filter, but you will want to look at it this time of year—especially if you drove a lot this summer.

These are just a few automotive care services to consider at the end of summer and heading into the fall school season. Keep your family car running well all year long and count on the team at Fox Run Auto to help you with all your auto maintenance needs. We'll be happy to perform a thorough inspection and let you know which—if any—services are due. We can keep you on a proper maintenance schedule no matter what time of year it is.

Call Fox Run Auto today at (302) 597-9205 or schedule your service appointment online.

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Car Care Tips
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