Auto Glass Repair in Bear, DE

We understand the unfortunate events of a chipped or cracked windshield. Trying to get the pieces repaired is never fun either. You might try to justify and make excuses on why you should just leave the damage as is. However, you should never put off auto glass service. There are many dangers of a broken windshield, including an increased chance of getting into a vehicle collision. 

The Dangers of a Cracked Windshield

Windshield Damage Can Worsen Over Time 

In extreme temperatures, your glass damage can grow and worsen. Say it rains or snows in the winter, and then the moisture settles in the damaged area. While in freezing temperatures, the crack will develop from the freezing water left in the gap. On the other hand, the summer heat can also cause a crack to worsen because heat can cause your windshield to expand.

Your Visibility is Compromised

Your windshield is supposed to be smooth to allow light to pass through with ease. When it becomes outfitted with cracks and imperfections, the light can bounce around and create tiny blind spots in your visibility that prevent you from driving safely. If your cracked windshield prevents you from seeing in any way at all, you need to get it fixed immediately. Do not put yourself and others at risk of getting into a terrible accident. 

You Can Get a Penalized for Broken Glass 

In Delaware (and many other states), the law specifies that no one can operate a motor vehicle with a cracked windshield that directly sits in front of the driver's view. You can get pulled over for a ticket or fail a vehicle inspection test. So avoid the hassle and paying extra fines, and get that windshield repaired!

More Severe Injuries

Auto glass provides extra support for the structural integrity of a vehicle. If you were to get into a car accident with an existing cracked windshield, then the glass is more likely to shatter during a collision. Consequently, serious injuries are more likely to occur with glass shards flying everywhere. 

It is necessary to seek repair on your damaged windshield as soon as possible, even if the crack or chip looks super small. Don't compromise your safety and overall driving experience. If you require an auto glass repair on your vehicle, our professional team at Fox Run Auto would be glad to help!

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