A Leap Year is Fun. A Bouncy Car is Not.

There is always something special about a Leap Year. We get one extra day in February and a very select few get to properly celebrate a birthday or anniversary every four years. We have the election and the Summer Olympics in 2020, as well. With Leap Day coming up this weekend, we couldn't help but make note of it!

A Poor Suspension is Not as Much Fun

Though a Leap Year is kind of fun and unique, a car that leaps and bounces all around is not. Unless you purposely installed hydraulics in your lowrider, you are probably someone who prefers a smooth ride in your vehicle. If you are driving around with a bad suspension, it's definitely not a whole lot of fun. It's also not very safe. The car won't handle right and it will seem like you feel every single little bump in the road.

Suspension Repair at Fox Run Auto

If you think you might have a suspension issue, bring your vehicle into Fox Run Auto in Bear, DE for a professional suspension system inspection. We will look everything over carefully and let you know exactly what the problem is. Sometimes, it may just be something minor that needs to be adjusted. Or, you may have damaged components that needs to be replaced. All shocks, struts and springs wear out with time, so it's good to get your suspension looked at periodically to avoid any significant concerns. 

There are instances where what seems like a suspension issue isn't something wrong with suspension system at all. It could be wheel misalignment or another problem with the wheels, tires, brakes or drivetrain components (axle, differential, transfer case, CV joints, etc.). That is why it helps to have a professional mechanic perform a thorough inspection and run tests to determine what needs to be repaired.

Suspension Inspection and Repairs

At Fox Run Auto, we'll provide you with a detailed inspection report that outlines our findings. We'll provide a professional recommendation on what we suggest you have fixed. Once you authorize the repairs, our team will get the job done right and all qualifying parts and labor will be backed by the NAPA AutoCare Peace of Mind Warranty that is valid at any NAPA AutoCare Center nationwide. 

If you have a suspension problem or something else wrong with your car, truck or SUV, call Fox Run Auto today at (302) 597-9205 or schedule your service appointment online.


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