7 Signs of Damaged Spark Plugs

If any of the spark plugs in your car are dead or aren't firing correctly, you will quickly begin to notice some problems. Though small, they play a very important role in the overall performance and health of your vehicle. Your spark plugs should be checked and tested regularly, and then replaced as needed to ensure proper functionality.

Here are 7 signs that you may need new spark plugs, according to the automotive experts at Fox Run Auto:

1. Rough Idling

When you are at a stop and the engine is idling, you can generally tell when something isn't right. If the idling is very rough or the engine is sputtering, it may be a sign that one or more of your spark plugs is failing. It could also be some other engine problem worth getting checked out.

2. Vehicle Struggles to Start

A very common sign of a damaged spark plug is when the engine is struggling to start. Again, this could be any number of issues at work, such as a failing spark plug or problems with the battery, starter/ignition system, wiring or engine itself.

3. Corroded Spark Plugs or Connections

A physical inspection of the spark plugs can tell you a lot. If any of the spark plugs shows a lot of rust or corrosion, it's a clear sign it is going bad. The same goes for any wires and connection points around the spark plug housing.

4. Misfiring Engine

Along with rough idling, you may notice some strange things while driving. Any loud pops, sputters, misfires or other odd sounds are signs of trouble, so you'll want to get your vehicle looked at by a professional mechanic as soon as possible.

5. Vehicle Feels Sluggish

A damaged or misfiring spark plug can also make it seem like the vehicle is extra sluggish when accelerating. This could also be an engine, fuel system or transmission issue.

6. Loss of Fuel Efficiency

If you notice your fuel economy is getting worse, it might be caused by a wide variety of automotive problems (engine, transmission, wheel alignment, fuel system, exhaust system, etc.). Failing spark plugs are another common cause for loss of MPG.

7. Check Engine Light

The good old "check engine" light is essentially a catch-all for many automotive problems. Whenever it comes on, you should get a diagnostics check and inspection from a trusted auto shop to determine the source of the issue.

If you are experiencing any of these engine problems or any other automotive issues, call Fox Run Auto today at (302) 597-9205 or schedule your appointment online. We'll be happy to run diagnostics and perform a thorough inspection.


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