7 Car Maintenance Tips for Better Fuel Economy

It's no secret gas prices have been through the roof lately. Even as they start to come down a little, they are still pretty insane. The good news is there may be some simple car maintenance tips you can use to improve your vehicle's fuel economy. Some tasks you can do yourself and others may require professional services from a mechanic, but all will save you money at the pump over time.

1. Healthy Tires = More MPG

You should be rotating your tires every 5,000 miles or so to keep the tread wear even. This extends the lifespan of the tires and can also help with fuel efficiency. In addition, you should check your tire air pressure regularly and keep them inflated at the recommended PSI. This can also help increase your average miles per gallon.

2. Keep Your Wheels Aligned

Wheel alignment is another thing that can affect your fuel efficiency. Get your wheel alignment checked along with your brakes and suspension system. All of these systems work together to keep your car moving efficiently down the road.

3. Don't Neglect Engine & Transmission Care

Get your oil changed regularly and also take care of your transmission with service when it is recommended. Don't forget your exhaust and emissions system, as well. If your engine and transmission are running smoothly, you will notice a difference in overall performance. Your car will stay healthier for longer and you should also benefit from optimized fuel economy.

4. Consider a Fuel System Service

There are additives you can put in your gas tank. Some will be beneficial. Some may not help as much as advertised. Consult with someone who knows what will be best for your car, truck or SUV. You may also want to think about getting a professional fuel system service to clean the fuel lines, replace the fuel filter and make sure the gas is as pure as possible when it enters your engine's combustion chamber.

5. Replace Your Air Filter

A dirty, clogged or damaged engine air filter will quickly start to sap your vehicle's fuel efficiency. Your engine requires a proper mix of fuel and oxygen, so don't suffocate it with an ineffective air filter. Check the filter regularly and replace it as needed.

6. Use Higher-Grade Fuel

Most cars are just fine with regular gasoline, though fuels with higher octane ratings can provide some benefits—especially in high-performance vehicles. You may end up paying a little more at the gas station when you fill up, but the premium fuel may pay for itself over time. Read your owner's manual and consult with an automotive expert you trust to see if better gas will be worth the extra cost.

7. Think Preventative

We call it "preventative maintenance" for a reason. General automotive maintenance procedures will help keep your vehicle running its best. You can prevent damage and breakdowns, and generally you will experience better fuel economy. Take better care of your engine, exhaust, transmission, brakes, wheels/tires, suspension, cooling system and everything else.

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Car Care Tips
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