6 Signs of Suspension Problems

Your suspension system is what gives you a smoother ride on the road. Suspension components like springs, shocks and struts are designed to balance the weight momentum of the vehicle while you drive. If you have suspension problems, your safety as a driver could be at risk. You may experience trouble with handling, which makes the car harder to control. Suspension problems can also lead to other automotive issues with the brakes, axles, differential, wheels and tires.

At the first sign of a suspension problem, you should get your vehicle checked out by a professional mechanic to determine what's wrong. Here are a few common signs of suspension issues to look for:

1. Super Bumpy Ride

When your suspension starts to fail, you can usually feel it while driving. Things may feel extra bumpy or bouncy. This might also be an issue with your wheels or tires.

2. Continued Bouncing

You always feel the big bounce when going over a speed bump or pothole. However, if the car continues to bounce several times, there could be something wrong with your suspension system. This is something you can test when the car is parked, as well. Push up and down on the hood a few times and see how long it continues to bounce. If it's more than a couple times, then that is the sign of a problem.

3. Significant Pulling

If your car is pulling strongly to the left or right, whether on corners or on straightaways, you might have a suspension problem or some other wheel alignment issue that you will want to get fixed before the vehicle becomes too hard to handle at high speeds.

4. Steering Trouble

Another common sign of suspension problems is when you are having trouble steering. The wheel may feel extra tight or loose, and just isn't handling the way you are used to. This is an obviously concern that you should get inspected as soon as possible.

5. Uneven Vehicle

Sometimes you can just look at the vehicle when parked and you'll notice that one side is sitting lower than the other. This is a common sign of suspension damage.

6. Lurching and Dipping

If your vehicle lurches forward awkwardly when you hit the brakes or dips back upon acceleration, you may have a suspension problem worth getting checked out.

If you think you have suspension problems in Northern Delaware, contact Fox Run Auto for a professional automotive inspection. We can tell you exactly what's wrong and let you know what it will take to fix it. Call us today at (302) 597-9205 or schedule your service appointment online.


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