6 of the Most Common Car Brake Problems

It's important to have a healthy and effective brake system in your car. It's a matter of safety for you, the driver, as well as your passengers, other drivers and pedestrians. You want to be able to stop and slow down in a safe amount of time to avoid accidents and injuries. A good brake system will also help protect other automotive systems like wheels, tires, suspension and drive train components. If your brakes aren't doing what they are supposed to, it can put more strain on other systems and cause potential damage.

Here are 6 of the most common brake problems we see at Fox Run Auto, along with the the usual signs that these issues may be occurring:

1. Worn Brake Pads

This is easily the most common issue. Brake pads wear down with time and use. They should be replaced when they get too low. Typical signs of worn brake pads include screeching and squealing noises and slow brake reaction time.

2. Sticking Brake Caliper

If your vehicle is pulling to one side, it could be a wheel alignment issue or it could be a sticking brake caliper that is preventing the wheel from rotating freely. This can happen because of rust accumulating on the caliper itself or a lubrication problem not allowing the caliper to open and close smoothly.

3. Damaged/Worn Brake Rotors

Brake rotors can also wear down with time, or there could be some other sort of damage that is hindering brake performance. They can also become warped due to various factors. Brake rotors may need to be replaced periodically, or sometimes they can be remachined to restore effectiveness.

4. Brake Fluid Problems

Leaking brake fluid, low brake fluid, contaminated brake fluid or burnt brake fluid can all occur and cause brake performance issues. There may be a leak in one of your lines or you are just overdue for a brake service to change out old hydraulic fluid. If your brake pedal feels unusually loose and/or there is a very slow reaction time with your brakes, you might have a brake fluid problem. Of course, fluid leaks are another sign of brake line damage.

5. Overheating Brakes

Brakes can overheat if brake pad or rotor wear is significant enough. You may see or smell smoke, or your ABS warning light may come on. 

6. ABS Performance Problems

Your anti-lock braking system (ABS) plays an important role in how smoothly and effectively your vehicle comes to a fast stop. It keeps the brakes from locking up and the car from skidding out of control. Sometimes, there could be a damaged or faulty sensor, or a fluid problem that compromises the ABS performance. Most vehicles have an ABS warning light or specific computer message that will inform you when there is a problem with your brake system.

These are some of the most common problems, causes and symptoms of brake problems. If you think  you have a brake issues, call the local brake service experts at Fox Run Auto at (302) 597-9205. Or, book a service appointment and brake inspection online.



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