5 New Year's Resolutions for Every Car Owner

With a new year comes an opportunity to not only change how you take care of yourself but how you take care of your car. While you may have other plans to better your lifestyle, make sure you don't forget that your car could use some extra love and care as well. Here are some New Year's resolution ideas for every vehicle owner:

  1. Create an emergency fund. Sometimes, cars don't give you a prewarning before they break down (or at least not quick enough). To better financially plan for any unexpected breakdowns, you should put aside a pool of money ($500-1000) over the course of the year to help offset the expense of any unforeseen situations.
  2. Wash and clean your car every month. If you feel that hygiene is something you want to improve next year, you may want to incorporate this into your goals list. A fresh and clean car not only protects the value of your vehicle, but it can make your driving experience a lot more pleasant!
  3. Get regular fluid changes. Aside from having a sufficient amount, you should note the characteristics of your essential fluids. They include engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. 
  4. Monitor and inspect your tires more. There are two aspects of vehicle tires that you should pay attention to: tread and pressure. They are both necessary in ensuring your drives are safe. 
  5. Practice safe driving. Let's admit that there is no such thing as the perfect driver; every driver has a set of flaws that need to be fixed. Some people are road ragers, while others are reckless. Or maybe they're one of those people who constantly forget to put on their turn signals. Regardless of your bad driving habit, 2022 is the year to correct those mistakes and become a better driver.

The team at Fox Run Auto Inc. wishes you a wonderful holiday, and we hope you consider some of these resolutions for the new year. If you are looking for reliable car maintenance or repairs in Bear, DE, look no further than Fox Run Auto. Please call us at (302) 597-9205 or visit to make an appointment today. We also offer convenient online appointment scheduling.

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