5 Benefits of Tire Rotations

Oil changes and tire rotations are the two most common types of automotive maintenance services. They are generally done at the same time. That makes it easier to remember and you can kill two birds with one stone during your vehicle maintenance visits. Some people like to do their own oil changes at home if they know what they are doing. Rotating the tires can be a little trickier without a proper lift.

What is a Tire Rotation?

The idea behind rotating the tires is pretty simple. You switch the wheels and tires around. In most cases, the rear tires will be moved to the front (generally switching sides, as well) and the front tires will move to the back. Most mechanics will follow standard tire rotation patterns based on the vehicle's drive system. In other words, an all-wheel drive car or 4x4 truck may have a different pattern than a common front-wheel drive sedan. 

What are the Benefits of Tire Rotations?

Here are 5 of the best benefits of getting your tires rotated every 5,000-6,000 miles:

1. Even Tread Wear

All tire tread will wear out as you drive and put more miles on the wheels, tires, brakes and suspension. However, not all four tires will wear out at the same rate. If you don't rotate them regularly, you will likely find that one or two of the tires tend to wear out much quicker than the others and you'll end up having to replace one at a time. Tire rotations help even out the wear on the tire treads over time.

2. Longer Tire Lifespan

As you can imagine, evening out the tread wear will help make all the tires last a little longer. At the very least, they will wear out equally and you'll be able to replace all four at the same time once they are too worn.

3. Uniform Tread Wear

Each tire will experience its own tread wear pattern based on where it is located on the car. Other factors like wheel alignment and brakes can affect the uniformity of tread wear in each location. For instance, one tire could be wearing out faster along one edge, but not as much in the middle of the tread. Tread cupping is another concern when the tread moves from high to low in different spots. Rotating the tires on a regular basis helps even things out and provide better tread wear uniformity as you put more miles on each tire.

4. Better Handling

In general, you will experienced improved handling of your vehicle when the tires are rotated periodically. The evened-out tread wear will help you maintain better grip on the road and you will notice this when cornering or driving on slicker surfaces.

5. Vehicle Health

Lastly, keeping your tires rotated on a regular schedule will help protect other automotive components relating to the wheels and drivetrain. We're talking about brakes, suspension, wheel bearings, axles, differentials and the wheels themselves. A simple service like a tire rotation can extend the lifespan of all these important parts.

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