4 Signs of Automotive Emissions Problems

All modern vehicles have an emissions control system that is designed to minimize the amounts of noxious gas expelled into the environment. The fuel tank, engine, crankcase, carburetor and exhaust system can all produce harmful gases and the emissions system (also known as the EVAP system) helps to control how those gases are burned off before any exhaust fumes are expelled from the tailpipe. 

The newer the car, the more sophisticated the emissions control system and its various sensors and components will be. As emissions standards continue to get stricter, it's vital that your exhaust system and other emissions controls are working properly.

Fox Run Auto is an emissions specialist has identified four common signs that your vehicle might be having emissions system problems:

1. Warning Lights

The most common sign of a problem is when one of your dashboard warning lights comes on. Exhaust system issues will often trigger the check engine light. Some vehicles will have warning lights specifically for exhaust and emissions problems. Any time one of your lights comes on, you will want to bring your car to an automotive expert who can run diagnostic tests and perform an inspection to figure out what tripped the warning light.

2. Loss of Fuel Efficiency

Exhaust and emissions system problems will also often lead to loss of fuel efficiency. If you notice that your miles per gallon (MPG) seem to be going down with each fill-up at the gas station, then it could be any number of different issues. It could be a problem within your fuel system, your engine or your exhaust system. Whatever is happening, you should get your vehicle checked out as soon as you can—before it develops into something much worse!

3. Performance Loss

Beyond just the loss of gas mileage, you may notice a general loss of performance. Your car may feel weak and sluggish when you try to accelerate. You can usually tell when something just doesn't feel right while you are driving. This performance loss could be due to an emissions system issue or something else like a transmission problem.

4. Unpleasant Smells

If you notice a strong smell of gasoline inside or outside of your car, or it seems like the smell of exhaust fumes is much more prominent than usual (especially inside the vehicle), you may have an exhaust system issue. You could have a fuel leak or an exhaust leak, or one of the key parts like the catalytic converter could be damaged.

Like with any automotive concern, the first signs of anything problematic should catch your attention. Don't wait to get your car looked at by a professional auto shop. It's best to take care of minor repairs before they turn into something major. 

If you are in the Northern Delaware area and think you might have exhaust system or emissions system problems, call Fox Run Auto today at (302) 597-9205 or book your inspection appointment online.


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