3 Winter Oil Change Tips

The winter season is almost here in Northern Delaware. The temperatures are dropping fast and cold weather is ahead. It's always smart to think about car maintenance when the seasons change, especially this time of year. Obviously, the most important preventative maintenance step you can take is to change your oil. Whether you do it yourself or have a professional service your vehicle, now is a good time to get your oil changed before things get even colder outside.

Here are 3 helpful tips for anyone thinking about getting an oil change this winter:

1. Don't Wait Too Long

It's usually best to get your oil changed before the coldest weather starts to set in. This is especially true if you are already due for an oil change anyway. Old oil can cause damage within your engine, and your engine is already getting more stress starting up and running in lower temperatures. A fresh oil and filter change will help keep your car's engine running well throughout the winter.

If you are planning to store your vehicle for the winter season, then an oil change is a good idea to help keep contaminants from building up and causing trouble later. If you are doing the oil change yourself, it's obviously nice to do the maintenance before it gets much colder.

2. Use the Right Oil

In most modern vehicles, you should stick with the oil type and weight as recommended in the owner's manual. Synthetic and multi-viscosity oils are designed to provide good performance all year round, so don't buy into any myths that you need to do something different in the winter. Where different oil viscosities can make a difference is in older vehicles, though today's multi-viscosity oils help minimize the need for that. Most additives aren't going to make a significant difference. Use the oil recommended in your owner's manual or by your mechanic for the best results this winter.

3. Leave it to the Experts

If you are very experienced at changing your own oil and know what to do during the winter months, then you can definitely save some money. Otherwise, it may be best to leave it to the experts. Get your oil and filter changed by an experienced mechanic. This is also a good time of year to get a full vehicle inspection and take care of any other necessary seasonal maintenance like tire rotations, brake services, etc. 

If you are in the Northern Delaware area and are in need of a winter oil change or other vehicle maintenance, call Fox Run Auto today at (302) 597-9205 or schedule your service appointment online. Also, be sure to check our Specials page for the latest discounts and coupons for our Deluxe Oil Change service.


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